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• Always use liquid Dishwashing Detergent to clean; Use Sponge for extra care to avoid scratches; Use Product in microwave for re-heating only.
• Beware of cheaper products in the market as quality of the fork and spoon used is as important as the quality of the food.
• You may not want your child to eat with a rusted cutlery set.
• Care instruction: easy to clean & elegant design makes it ideal for everyday use.
• Scientifically designed handles for better grip.
• Product code : SP480/F481

"Cello" a name that is common in the Indian households, is one of the leading processor of household consumer products."Cello" is one of the leading exporters of household products, and supplies to the biggest retail stores globally. Is to be India's most preferred household brand with innovative & aesthetically superior products at affordable prices. We are committed to a culture of learning, creativity, continuous improvement & innovation. We believe in freedom, give everyone a voice and power to perform. We are strongest together, this comes from a shared vision, common purpose, supportive and collaborative working. Socially and environmentally, we always act in a safe and ethical manner. We exhibit honesty and integrity at all times. Serving happy customer for 60+ years.

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