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• Steel Lock HL- 1341 Airtight 4 pc Lock Steel Lunch / Mea/Tiffin Box with Wine color Insulated Bag.
• 4 Container Tiffin of 400 ml approx each. Only Violet color is available. Insulated Bag which helps to preserve temperature.
• This Stainless Steel With plastic Lid and Silicone Seal has the unique Silicon which keeps food items fresh longer and it prevents spills.
• The insulated bag helps to preserve some hot temperature.
• It is ideal to carry meals/fruits or any food items to work, travel, school, college outing etc.
• The soft woven belt to carry with comfort over your shoulder/hand & high-quality zip.
• The special locking to stack each food container with sturdiness for complete meal car.
• Steel-Lock brings you a new tiffin series.
• Hot-lunch a hygienic way to enjoy your food because "Healthy Tummies = Happy Tummies"
• This tiffin contains of stainless Steel air tight lid container & special cushion bag with foam insulation which keeps the food warm for longer time.
• It is not dishwasher safe. The method for cleaning Stainless Steel is quite simply soap or a detergent in warm water, applied with a soft cloth or synthetic sponge.
• Rinse in hot water and dry with a soft cloth or allow to 'drip' dry.
• Product code : HL1341


Maverick Steel Kraft Pvt. Ltd (India) is a young, ambitious Stainless Steel company led by entrepreneurial mavericks from the fields of Engineering, Marketing and Finance. It is this lethal combination of experts who are consistently working towards developing high-quality stainless steel products, that not only look good, but do good for the end-consumer. The head honchos of Maverick Steel Kraft Pvt. Ltd. have a combined 25 years + experience in manufacturing of stainless steel products and a keen understanding of the business of working with a skilled and competent workforce to achieve globally recognized products.

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