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• For big parties and gatherings! Got a bumpy bus drive or a boring train drive to look forward to.

• Don't worry! With our ever-so-fun game, Housie, exciting times lie ahead.

• We have done away with the old-school concepts.

• Now play while on the move with no pins, pencils or pens.

• Our one-of-a-kind cards are more convenient and last longer than before.

• This unique concept, brought to you by Toymate, guarantees unlimited entertainment!

• All you have to do is, fold the numbers, fun and excitement will unfold itself! Come...Play with us.

• The Complete Family Entertainment.

• Housie an all time favourite party entertainer.

• This wonder full game is now more convenient and comes with longer lasting cards.

• This new concept enables you to play the game again & again by using the same cards.

• No pencil, pin or pen are required, just fold the numbers & fun and excitement will unfold itself.

• Product code : TM52-03

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