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• Making glass candles is simplified for kids in this Toykraft kit. You can make 3 reusable glass candles.

• These are personalized candles embedded with coloured sand and seashells that light up to display your art and craft skills.

• 3 glass tumblers, coloured sand, an assortment of seashells, gel wax, candle wicks and an instruction manual are provided in this Toykraft Art and Craft kit.

• Pour coloured sand into the glass tumblers in separate layers to submerge and support one end of the candle wicks.

• Carefully place the seashells provided into the containers without disturbing the wicks.

• After this is complete, the glass containers are filled with molten gel wax taking care not to submerge the candle wicks.

• Allow to cool - your embedded candles from this Toykraft kit are now ready to be used.

• This Art and Craft kit teaches you how to make embedded candles.

• Gel wax is ideal for these as it is transparent so that you can view the embedded materials.

• By doing so you get hands-on experience with this Art and Craft activity.

• Not only have you gained proficiency here, but you have also made some very useful candles in your own style.

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