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• Making glass candles is simplified in this glass painting kit for kids.

• You can make 6 reusable mini wine glass shaped candles.

• These are personalized glass-painted candles that light up to display your art and craft skills.

• 6 Mini wine glasses, a black 3D outliner tube, 3 water-based glass paints, gel wax, candle wicks and instruction manual are provided in this Toykraft glass painting kit for kids.

• Even after completing the painting on the6 wine glasses, there is a lot of paint leftover which can be used for other glass objects in and around the home.

• The Art and Craft activity can be completed in 3 stages: You need to decide on the design which you would like to paint.

• This design is made on the curved glass surface using the 3D black outliner.

• Once dry, the inset areas of the design are filled with the free-flowing glass colours through the bottle nozzles.

• After the artwork is complete, the wine glasses are filled with molten gel wax taking care not to submerge the candle wicks.

• When lit the glass colours emit a beautiful aura.

• The pretty wine glasses can be lit up for any festive or special occasion.

• The best part about them is that the glass painted candles can be reused by filling them again with gel wax.

• Not only can you re-use them, but you can also transform their look by re-creating new glass painted designs. The candles can be presented as gifts.

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