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• Cross stitching is a great hobby for children. It can help to develop hand to eye coordination, shape and colour recognition, as well as encourage cooperative behaviour, patience and creativity.

• Cross-stitch on plastic canvas is very good for children and craft projects especially in situations where cutting out shapes is required.

• You can make a number of decorative articles like coasters, tablemats, box covers, and other articles using your imagination from this Craft DIY activity kit from Toykraft.

• As it is stiffer than canvas, plastic mesh is advantageous, especially for 3D objects.

• All the components needed to make a table coaster, wall display, mobile pouch, a bookmark, and a coin purse are provided in this Toykraft Craft activity kit.

• These include a book on Cross-stitch craft, a pattern sheet, plastic needle and mesh, fabric glue, and coloured wool.

• For working out any pattern in plastic canvas, the canvas grid has to be counted by lines. Before cutting out your pieces, note the thread count or the holes count.

• Designs are graphed on a grid mesh. Each square represents a single cross-stitch.

• Thread your needle with the first colour of wool that you are going to use. It is easiest to start from the middle, so thread it with the colour you want the "To" and "From" words to be.

• Cross stitching is a meditative form of craft.

• Reading a pattern From the Toykraft pattern sheet and counting out those tiny stitches has patience in developing the ability to the mind.

• The stitching activity brings a peaceful state of mind. When a project is done and when one looks at it, one gets an exhilarating feeling.

• It is a natural high. Cross-stitch craft also teaches you to understand diagrams and spatial relationships.

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