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• Making glass painted coasters is simplified for kids in this kit. You can make outstanding and usable glass painted acrylic coasters.

• 6 plain transparent acrylic bases, a white outliner tube, 3 glass paints, 6 wooden bases, toothpicks and craft glue are provided for this art and craft kit

• Follow the instruction manual which is provided in the kit.

• Trace out the design using the white outliner tube. Once dry, fill in the glass colours as per the design outlines. Stick the wooden bases on the bottom of the acrylic bases.

• We learn to do simple glass painting on a flat surface.

• Skills gained include enhancing artistic talent and creativity.

• Making these glass painted coasters builds self-confidence and esteem - thereby displaying your artistic skills.

• So start early with your kids and make then smart. Help them practice fine motor skills while having fun!

• The best part about this art and craft diy kit is that the coasters being useful, are seen around the house.

• There is enough glass paint and white outliner tube to paint other glass articles in and around the house.

• This art and craft DIY kit from Toykraft can serve as an invaluable gift.

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