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• Making glass candles is simplified for kids in this kit. You can make 3 pretty miniature glass candle jars.

• A white outliner tube and glass paints are provided for this. When lit the glass colours emit a beautiful aura.

• The pretty candle jars can be lit up for any festive or special occasion.

• 3 Mini glass jars, a white outliner tube, 3 glass paints, candle wicks, gel wax, and design papers are provided for this art and craft kit.

• Insert the design papers inside the glass jars and trace them on the outside with a white highlighter.

• Allow to dry and fill in the design with the glass paints. Insert the candle wicks while pouring melted gel wax to complete these candles.

• You can refer to the instruction manual included in the kit.

• Skills gained include enhancing artistic talent and creativity. Making these glass painted candles builds self-confidence and esteem.

• So start early with your kids and make them smart. Help them practice fine motor skills while having fun!

• The best part about them is that the glass painted candles can be reused by filling them again with gel wax.

• Not only can you re-use them, but you can also transform their look by re-creating new glass painted designs on the jars.

• This is a great gift to present to anybody for a special occasion.

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