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• Dream catchers have been traditionally associated by Native Indians in North America.

• They were made to protect from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through slip through the hole in the centre of the dream catcher.

• Today, they're very popular among the younger set for their trendy aesthetic and artistic value.

• This kit provides the child a great opportunity to make a customized dream catcher, thereby justifying and amplifying its unproven efficacy.

• Make this one from the components provided today itself to welcome a series of sweet dreams every night!

• Besides all the paraphernalia that goes into making this wall hanging - wool, feathers, beads, cord and strings, the main construction revolves on threading and knotting the cord within the ring of the wall hanging.

• This popular unusual-looking wall decor is just not these items, but has a deeper and history behind it

• Contents : Circular metallic ring: 1 Jute cord: 1 Wool: 1 packet String: 1 Feathers: 9 Coloured wooden beads (small): 1 packet Coloured wooden beads (large): 1 packet Instruction Manual

• Item code : 39791

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