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• This Art and Craft hobby kit from Toykraft is simply a delightful delicacy for the child and for the whole family. It provides moulding and crafting activity followed by painting.

• You can create as many as 6 Cupcakes from 12 moulds using Plaster of Paris! After joining the pieces using adhesive, select an exciting colour palette for each cake.

• You can use the box cover of this Toykraft offering as a lead, or you can also select your very own colour combinations.

• First, follow the included directions to mix the plaster of Paris powder with water to make a thick paste followed by pouring it into the moulds.

• After they have set firmly, decide on the colours to be used for the top and bottom pieces.

• Paint carefully with tempera paints. Once dry, join the top and bottom pieces using craft glue to complete the 6 cupcakes.

• Toykraft Mold & Paint Craft Kits combine creativity, discovery, and learning in one exciting artistic journey.

• This art activity kit offers a perfect alternative fun way to keep kids busy, learning essential life skills, and using their imagination.

• They get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, and much more. The final results look quite spectacular.

• This Toykraft art & craft art activity on plaster of Paris Moulds looks quite outstanding.

• Making these CupCakes is a really rewarding experience and you can proudly display your almost real delicious delicacies!

• This kit is also an ideal gift for kids for all occasions – Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Birthdays etc.

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