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• This Toykraft art & craft kit will enable you to cast articles from Plaster of Paris.

• These can be then painted using tempera paints.

• Rubberized magnets stuck on the back will enable you to use them as a fridge magnet display medley.

• 114 blister moulds are provided in 2 trays, a canister of 6 tempera paints, paintbrush, rubberized magnets, craft glue and an instruction manual is provided in this unique Toykraft mould and paint art kit.

• First, you need to make a thick paste of the plaster of Paris powder mixed with water.

• This is then poured in the cavities of the moulds and allowed to dry.

• Once dry, paint them using the tempera colours provided. For use as fridge magnets, stick the rubberized magnets on the back using craft glue.

• This mould and paint activity kit offers a perfect alternative fun way to keep kids busy, learning essential life skills, and using their imagination.

• They get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, and much more.

• The final results look quite spectacular. You can use them as showpieces or as fridge magnets.

• This Toykraft art & craft Mould and paint activity yields as many as 114 fridge magnets which can be proudly displayed.

• You would never have expected to see such an amazing art transformation.

• This kit is also an ideal gift for kids for all occasions – Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Birthdays etc.

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