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• This is a Sand and Sequin art and craft activity from Toykraft in which the young kid +5 years gets involved with creative play.
• You make sparkling pictures of fairies. You use sand & sequins - a great mix-n-match combination to transform the templates into fabulous pictures.
• You can make 4 sparkling pictures of adorable fairies in their celestial habitat using coloured sand, sequins, and sparkle.
•Sand and Sequin Art pictures are quite easy to do, unlike painting.
• Moreover, they are non-messy art and craft activity.
• Four card templates in this Toykraft art and craft kit can be transformed into mind-blowing pictures of fairies.
• Sand and sequins are provided - each in 6 assorted colours in sachets along with sparkle and the child sticks these media on the pictures as per the instructions using craft glue.
• The spatula is provided as an aid for this activity.
• These simple art and craft activities are great in developing the child’s concentration and patience.
• They channelize the energy levels, especially for hyperactive children.
• The child gets involved completely in this very absorbing play activity.
• The kit provides hours of relaxation and fun.
• They improve their creative skills as they progress from picture to picture.
• Children can take pride in hanging these Sand and Sequin art creations on any wall for family and friends to admire.
• Both adults and children 5 years and above will love creating these fantastic pictures.
• This Toykraft art and craft kit is also an ideal gift for kids for all occasions – Easter, Christmas, Thanks Giving, Birthdays etc.
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