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• This art and craft kit from Toykraft is termed as a Squash book as it can be folded and put away to be opened again for future reference.

• It is designed to keep photos, journaling, or whatever you fancy. The Squash book can also be used as a greeting card.

• This Toykraft Art and Craft kit have all the material that you would need to make your very own daily reckoner, album, or a greeting card. Squash Books can be used for a variety of occasions which include greeting cards, recording a special event brag book, portfolio album, travel album, monthly logbook, or school projects.

• Be it a birthday, anniversary, new-born, festival, or get-well-card, you can quickly use the components provided to make a foldable card display.

• All the components and craft material are provided in this Toykraft kit to make this foldable scrapbook.

• These include card cut-outs, design papers, mount board, ribbons, pre-punched tags and labels, stickers, felt pen and craft glue.

• You learn to make a unique personalized display for any occasion.

• This activity offers a perfect alternative fun to keep you busy, learning essential life skills, and using your imagination.

• You gain practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, reading and understanding diagrams, and much more.

• These mini scrapbooks will really take you completely by surprise on opening.

• You would never have expected them to expand in this novel way.

• You can gift these crafted items in the form of an album, reckoner or greeting card.

• This Toykraft Squash book kit can also serve as a present or gift on a special occasion.

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