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• This is a spectacular art & craft kit from Toykraft. With this do-it-yourself kit, kids can spend hours of time creating beautiful mosaic fridge magnets using seashells.

• This Toykraft Seashell kit contains an assortment of natural shells in different shapes, size, colour and texture.

• A shell enthusiast can be wonderstruck by nature's beauty in such diversity. The kit also contains 3 photo frame cutouts in different shapes, rubberized magnets, coloured sand, craft glue, and an instruction manual.

• Using the craft glue provided in the kit the shells can be stuck to the shell-shaped mount board cutouts to make these mini fridge magnets.

• The coloured sand is stuck in the empty spaces followed by sticking the rubberized magnet pieces on the back of the cutouts.

• The activity is quite simple and keeps children busy for hours.

• The minimum age for this activity is 7years.

• Adults can also indulge in this superb art & craft activity, as the collection of shells is very exclusive and unique.

• They get exposed to practical skills such as dexterity, material assembly, and much more.

• The final results look quite spectacular. You can display them on the fridge.

• Great gifting option to kids of ages 7 and above as a kit. Finished articles are a great gift to all in the family!

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