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• The classic board game: Snakes & Ladders and LUDO is a perfect gift for the restless ones.

• The thrill of going up the ladder, sliding down the snakes and the fun of out-racing your competitors on the LUDO circuit are incomparable to any other excitement.

• Give children the gift of classic entertainment.

• All time favourite pass time in an exciting new look Leave no stone unturned in giving your child an all round multifaceted glimpse of games

• Start with reading the Manual from the beginning. Each step is explained in great detail, right form exploring each piece to fixing them all together.

• The snakes and ladder game keeps your little one s brain active and alert Fun excitement and joy after winning is surely going to make your kid happy.

• It s time to join your kid for a great game together For Girls and Boys Child friendly.

• Game Boost up the concentration and memory Skills, Enhances eye hand co ordination.

• Contents : 1 Dice16 Pegs in Red, Blue, Green and Yellow 4 each.

• Product code : 786/144

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