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• Mattel Travel Games make it easy to take your favorites with you for family fun on the go!

• Travel Tumblin' Monkeys is all the fun of the classic kids' game with adorable, monkey-themed game pieces and a base that doubles as built-in storage.

• Like in original Tumblin' Monkeys, keep a steady hand as you pull a stick out of the tower -- and don't let the monkeys tumble!

• At the end of the game, the player with the fewest pieces dropped is the winner.

• This travel-friendly version of the family-favorite game features a base that catches the game pieces as they fall and doubles as a convenient, portable storage solution, so you can take the fun with you anywhere!

• Easy to learn and fun to play, Travel Tumblin' Monkeys

• This version of the family-favorite kids' game features a base that catches marbles as they fall and doubles as a portable storage solution.

• Product code ; GMM92

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