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• This sorting and matching game is a great way to introduce your little one to the world of shapes, while training his hand-eye coordination and other vital developmental skills.

• Virgo toy's take on the classic matching game is a great way to keep your children occupied, while you get that well-deserved time off, to focus on other things.

• With 16 geometric shaped pegs, for your tot to match with the corresponding holes in the plastic tray provided, This remarkable game will go A long way in refining your child's automotive skills.

• The Virgo Toys match It junior game set also includes a sand timer so that you can compete with your little one, or have them compete with a sibling or friend to see who can match the shape pegs with the appropriate cavities the fastest.

• Ideal for boys and girls who are aged 3 years and above, this brain teasing, mind sharpening game is sure to appeal to adults too, as a cool way to unwind.

• The match It junior set includes a plastic tray, plastic pegs, a sand timer toy and a plastic box.

• Product code : ED 008

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