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• Spray fixative is usually used on dry media artwork to help stabilize the colour or pigment of the surface. • It is a clear liquid spray that protects the artwork and preserves the piece for display. • It is made with resin or casein and evaporates quickly much like an alcohol spray. • Winsor & Newton Professional Fixative Spray provides a non-removable, colourless and transparent finish. • For use on charcoal, pencil, pastel and chalk drawings to protect from smudging & dust. It is also a great tool for layering with charcoals & pastels. • A non-yellowing solution, which protects pictures and dries to a low sheen. Fixes Pastel, Pencil, and Chalk drawings. Available in “Ozone Friendly” aerosols. • Extremely flammable aerosol; Pressurized container: May burst if heated • Art No. 3041913 Winsor & Newton (also abbreviated W&N) is an English manufacturing company based in London that produces a wide variety of fine art products, including acrylics, oils, watercolour, gouache, brushes, canvases, papers, inks, graphite and coloured pencils, markers, and charcoals. The standards of quality for W&N's most renowned line of kolinsky sable brush, the Series 7, began after Queen Victoria ordered it should be "the very finest watercolour brush" in 1866[citation needed]. A few months before his death, Henry Newton sold the business to the newly incorporated firm of "Winsor & Newton Ltd.", which included members of both families amongst the shareholders. In 1937, W&N introduced its gouache paints.

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