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• Stencil Brushes are flat head hog bristle brushes which are ideal for crisp stencil application, dotting and creating interesting textures and patterns.
• The short wide natural wood handle is easy to grip and has a seamless aluminium ferrule.
• Premium 3 piece wooden handle stencil brush set with durable natural bristle hair, double-crimped ferrules, and sturdy wooden handles.
• They are ideal brushes to use for all types of hobby, craft, and DIY painting projects for kids, adults and professional artists.
• Art and stencilling brushes that can be used with all types of mediums, including watercolor, tempera, acrylic, gouache, oil, and chalk paints.
• Brushes can be used for art or stencilling for drawing, lettering or also for chalking and waxing furniture.
• These special stencil brushes all have firmly packed 1" long bristles aligned in a circle.
• This feature makes them excellent for use when painting through stencils versus using a standard paintbrush because they reduce the chance of paint bleeding through under the edges of a stencil.
• It is best to apply the paint using the brush in a straight up-and-down motion, rather than in a long swoop side to side or up and down when painting through stencils.
• The various width sizes of brushes allow you to stencil paint different line or lettering sizes separately or through stencils.
• Brush Application : Fabrics, Watercolor, Oil Color, Poster, Acrylic Color, Gouache
• Set of 3 short handled stencil brushes in various sizes, including size 6=13.5mm,Size 8=16mm,Size10=18mm.
• Product code : W-3R

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