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• This unique BLIX set allows you to perform 10 different experiments where you can learn about the different uses of gears with motorised models.

• Finally you can build a car where you can change gears between Reverse-Neutral-First-Second.

• This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 10 different experiments, one at a time.

• After completing these 10 experiments, the builder can use the connectors, beams, motor and the gears to create many more models and projects.

• Gears are magical components that work behind the scenes in cars, watches, printers and many other day to day objects used by us.

• With this set, you can use grades along with the motor to create fantastic working models and perform experiments, to understand uses, applications and just have a lot of fun.

• Knowledge: teaches about art of designing and construction.

• Creativity: unleash your creativity with limitless imaginative models to the fast and impatient generation of today.

• Product code : 06009

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