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• This set comes with 2 High powered motors, a track system and enough parts to build a motorised trailer truck and a motorised tank at the same time.

• This set will set you imagination on fire as it simulates the real experience of taking your army to battle.

• This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build a trailer truck and 5 different models, one at a time.

• After completing these 5 models, the builder can use the nuts bolts, and other versatile parts to create many more models and projects.

• A unique DIY Motorized Tank and Transporter truck.

• Build and see the tank easily overcome obstacles as well as climb up to 60 degree slopes.

• Have hours of fun with this exciting and awe striking tank set all built by you.

• DIY building blocks (toys) crafted from high quality steel and finished perfectly for the ideal feel and finish.

• You can make 5 different models which work on a track system, propelled by high-powered motors.

• A step by step manual for your child to learn the basics of fitting and guide him through the process.

• Product code : 01024

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