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• This big MECHANIX set has instructions to build 21 models with more than 200 pieces.

• The best part about it is that it starts with simple models that gradually increase in complexity as the skill of the builder grows.

• This along with the number of versatile parts (including gears) makes it a great set for beginners and advanced builders alike.

• This kit comes with all the tools, and parts to build 28 different models, one at a time.

• After completing these 28 models, the builder can use the nuts bolts, and other versatile parts to create many more models and projects.

• This modern mechanix set is the perfect introduction of engineering to children.

• The models and parts are designed to making the building process easy and a great way to encourage a child into the new experience of creation.

• The manual starts with basic models first and as the skill of the builder increases complexity of models also increases which make it perfect for the first time builder.

• Product code : 09004

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